Why would the city want another park?

It makes very little sense that the City of Magee and its leadership would even consider asking the school board for additional property when they don’t maintain what they have now. 

  We are specifically referring to the Washington Street Park located near the former Magee Elementary School facility.  The city had been maintaining that property for the school district for years, but it now appears that no one is maintaining it anymore. 

  Magee Alderman Patrick Brown had been trying to negotiate with the school district to get ownership of the property so the city could do additional improvements to the park, namely building basketball courts.

  The city wanted actual ownership because they did not want to spend a lot of money developing property that did not belong to the city.  The problem is that the city is not maintaining what they have.  Look at McNair Springs and what bad shape it got into when the city agreed to take care of it after all the time, money and effort put into bringing it back to a usable level in a recent campaign. 

  The city’s excuse is “we don’t have enough help.” The city did have over a million dollars in the bank.  If you need some help, go hire it. 

  Our city streets are riddled with pot holes that are not being fixed.  The streets of downtown Magee are nasty.  It is hard for folks to take pride in our community when our city leadership does not. 

  There is plenty of blame to go around--we have not only a mayor but also a Board of Aldermen to keep watch. 

  Let them know how you feel. Maybe that will help them change their priorities.