Year end is close and changes are on the horizon


If there was never another gift for Christmas that would be fine, because we are blessed beyond imagination. 

  To start with, Nancy and I are blessed with good health and if we need anything we are pretty much in the position to get it.  It is that way with most of the folks I know.  Even for people who are not as fortunate there are programs out there to help them.  Compared to the rest of the world we in the U.S. have a very high standard of living. 

  This Christmas, like many of the recent ones, we try to find people we can help.  One year I gave Nancy 500 pounds of dog food and we took that to people who take care of stray animals.  Our Christmas mornings normally are spent at the church helping prepare food for others. 

  A final plea--if you have not purchased all of your Christmas gifts, please do so locally.  A television report said that over half of gift purchases this year would be done over the internet.  What does that mean to a local business?  It means simply that if they do not get their share of the business they may not be around much longer. 

  Think about it--local businesses pay the salaries for our friends and neighbors.  They are the ones that provide tax dollars that local governments use to build roads, offer garbage collection service and provide law enforcement. 

  We mentioned changes in the headline. Well, 2019 will be a year for substantial change in the leadership in Simpson County. 

  To start with, next month when the school board meets three of the five positions on the board will have changed.  It is time. Our public schools must improve and doing the same thing over and over is not the way to get change. 

  So there will be three new faces on the school board.  One of their first challenges will be to consider the superintendent’s position for the next four years. 

  For the first time in Simpson County this will be an appointed position rather than an elected one.  It will be up to the school board members to  determine which person to hire as superintendent.  This procedure may be complicated by the fact that every district will be appointing a superintendent so the pool of candidates may be limited.  The bottom line is that this should really take priority on the board’s agenda.  At a minimum they should be considering the process and what it will look like. 

  It is our understanding that school consolidation is  also going to be a consideration for the future. If that is the case, someone who has worked in a consolidated system may be a good candidate. 

  Next year is going to be a big election year for the county as well as the state.  With the issues t we are facing in Simpson County as well as the state and the nation we voters need to  pick our leadership carefully. Our future depends on the decisions we will make in 2019.