You do not have to sit by and watch things fall apart


A perfect example of doing something can best be displayed by State Representative Andy Gipson with his decision to get involved in breathing life back into the town of D’Lo.

Last Friday night Andy and his wife Leslie, along with the kidos, opened The Corner Grocery in D’Lo.  When I tell you it was standing room only, that is the truth. 

This, coupled with the efforts of John Henry Berry and his Small Town Mayor television production, may be the catalyst to rejuvenate the small town of D’Lo.  Mind you, I would have been apprehensive to have said “small town” if Emory Veazy was still alive because he might have poked me in the eye.  I would have not been the first to get poked in the eye by Emery.  But like the current administration, Emery did a lot of good things to keep D’Lo on the map.  He launched a Mardi Gras parade and fed everyone afterward. 

Good things are going on with D’Lo now because of the publicity surrounding John Henry’s show.  The town has attracted inquiries from all over the nation.  Andy Gipson now tells us that there is going to be a motion picture filmed in D’Lo.

That would not be the first.  Scenes from O Brother were filmed on the rocks at D’Lo.  Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis Presley, filmed a movie at D’Lo.  My Dog Skip was filmed in Mendenhall.  So the idea of being a back drop to the silver screen is nothing new.  If not mistaken, Andy said this movie may be about the role D’Lo played during World War II. 

Andy reported that during the last day of the legislative session, some filmmakers showed up in Jackson and were discussing the venture.  Gipson decided he wanted to be a part of it, so he purchased the vacant building in D’Lo and started the renovation.  He was able to restore the facility back to a lot of the original structure, including many of the original fixtures such as the horseshoe shaped counter, meat market and the original counters and displays. 

So this particular Friday last week was a launch of the business which Gipson has described as “a place to meet and reminisce” and have special events.  Gipson said he hopes to serve breakfast as well as lunch and long term they may have a pit in the back and offer steaks.  He is not far off from what is offered at Learned with the Learned Grocery. 

Gipson had live entertainment including locals Buddy Mullins and Minnie Hollaway.  He also had blue grass entertainment. 

This goes to show you that if you do it right people will come, and this will help to make our community a better place to call home!


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