Your vote is much more important than you realize


We have an election  set for Tuesday, November 6, and despite the fact that there are not many local offices to vote on, your vote really matters in Simpson County this year. 

  One of the races we feel is most important is for that of school board.  Three of the five seats on the board will be voted on during this election.  The new board will be tasked with selecting who will be appointed superintendent of education in the 2020 election.  This will be the first time that Simpson County has had an appointed superintendent of education. 

  The decision our school board makes will have a profound impact on our community, and we need to select the right people to serve on the school board at this point.  Not only are we faced with hiring a new superintendent, but this school board will also be responsible for improving the school system which currently has an unofficial “D” rating that may or may not change in October when the State Board of Education reviews the test standards. 

  Candidates for school board for District Two include Patrice Boykin, Sandrena Durr and Robert Gene Everett. 

  Candidates for school board for District Three are Danny Cowart, Randall “Randy” Morrow and Deborah Skiffer Talton. 

  Candidates for school board for District Four are Stanley Bulger, Chris R. May and John McDonald. 

  Two vacancies will be filled and those are for the position of Justice Court Judge for Post Two and for Constable Post Two.

  For Justice Court the field includes Tracey Brown, Lorie King and Charles Savell.

  For the position of Constable are Dusty Drennan, Joe D. Garner, Christopher R. Jones and Joe D. Purser. 

  There is a contested race for Chancery Court District 13 Place 1 between John Alan Buffington and James David Shoemake. 

 The other Chancery seat and the Circuit Court seats are running unopposed. 

  Court of Appeals will see Byron Carter, David McCarty and Jeff Weill, Sr. seeking the office. 

  District 2 Position 1 for the Supreme Court is unopposed. 

  House of Representative for the Third Congressional District will pit Michael Ted Evans, Michael Guest and Matthew Holland against each other. 

  A special election will be on the ballot for United States Senate.  This has everyone guessing with Tobey Bernard Bartee, Mike Espy, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Chris McDaniel running.  This one has drawn a lot of speculation on who will win this spot. 

  The contest for United States Senate has candidates David Baria, Roger F. Wicker, Danny Bedwell and Shawn O’Hara. 

  The problem is this that during a big local election turnout is “good” when 50 percent show up at the poles.  This is an off year election but in our opinion some of these offices are critical to the future of our community so exercise your right to vote.