Coaches should do better

Dear Editor,

I am posting this to call attention to our girl sports leader at Magee High School.  She is presently the high school girl basketball and volleyball coach.  In her first year she amassed nearly 50 losses, we have experienced an exodus of talented female athletes that is affecting the success in all the girls sports and contributing to the success of other schools.  She claims that whatever decision she makes as athletic director the principal will back her up.  Who does this?  Would somebody please get us a girls basketball and volleyball coach?

This coach told the girls at basketball not to go home and tell their parents what goes on at practice.  She is encouraging them to not exercise their First Ammendment Right to freedom of speech and according to her: the administration backs her up in violating our laws.  Abuse of power is shameful. 

Parents are not allowed at practice.  She is the only coach that does this, but her dad can come to practice. 

Another thing that she told the basketball team was this, after some of the girls had been involved in a fight at school she that when she was in school she used to fight a lot and has hurt some girls bad by beating them up. 

The coach also had the girls running on the football field in tennis shoes on wet grass. 

To Trojan fans one of the best things that our athletes can do is beat the Mendenhall Tigers.  I have had three children to beat the Tigers on the last play of the game.

There was  a girl last year to hit the game-winning shot against the Tigers.  That same girl scored 66 percent of the points in that game with no turn-overs as the inbounder or in the game and she set the screens for the other 33 percent of the points, yet this girl being a junior this year did not make the Trojan basketball team but the coach put seventh graders on the team.  We need a coach and if they are backing her up then we need new leadership.

Trojan Fan

Michael Warren