County needs better system

Simpson County News Letter to the editor;

This is just to express my opinion of the laws that Simpson County Supervisors, Personnel or whoever is responsible for the way the garbage fees are implicated.

My story begins with 1/2 acre at 3104 Simpson Hwy. 149 Braxton.  This property joins me and since my oldest son, Randall, is retiring and moving back to his hometown to be near his family and friends we decided to purchase the property.  As per Mary Evelyn Copeland, the property was coming up for auction for delinquent taxes in August of 2017.  She approached me and gave me the opportunity to purchase it from her nephew, David Walsh. I was excited that we could get the property so Randy` could be here and we could take care of each other.

As it tuned out Mrs. Copeland purchased the property from Mr. Walsh and would then sell it to me for what I thought would be for delinquent taxes. Somewhere in between a $500 profit was mere.

To get to my point in the end Randy purchased the property from me.  By then this property had gone through 4 owners. When I went to do the honest thing and get garbage fees set up I was informed there was a 10 year garbage fee lien on the property. I contacted Mrs. Copeland and got no help from her since she was moving from Simpson County and wanted no part of it.

I then talked to district 5 Supervisor Randy Moore who made no effort to look into it telling me we would have to pay the 10 year garbage fee.

Now it really gets interesting. The owner of the 10 year fee is a drug addicted prisoner who has been incarcerated off and on over the 19 years that I have lived there and has not lived on the property. Mr. Moore tells me that if there was electrical power to the property they owed a garbage fee.  The power was there on a basic fee in order that some of his relatives could have an old dilapidated mobile home that hadn't been lived in for years. No garbage has ever been picked up there. The property wasn't even livable. We spent thousands of dollars cleaning trash and old cars and junk that had collected over the years.

Now Folks, is it fair that my son and I have to pay a 10 year garbage fee that was never in place.  Well we did and with no help from, the county, Mr. Walsh or Mrs. Copland. Apparently, according to Supervisor Moore, we have to pay 10 years garbage fee or suffer the consequences whatever that may be.


Dot Herrington