Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


I was very moved by the article “James gets a new start on life as Gladys” which was in the March 21, 2019 edition of the Simpson County News. As an animal lover who grew up on a cattle farm in Simpson County and as a rescuer of stray dogs, I am grateful for people like you, your wife, Nancy, and Zach Hawes for your efforts to save this dog.

We are fortunate in Simpson County to have ladies such as Jerri Bennett at Wolf Pond Sanctuary and Cindy Mullins Austin at Austin Kennels and others who work tirelessly to help save the stray animals in our area.  Unfortunately, they are at capacity.

In the past three months, I have noticed an increase in the stray dogs in Simpson County. Hopefully, more people will come forward to help solve this problem, as you did with Gladys.  I also ask that you encourage citizens through your position as Editor/Publisher to spay and neuter their animals.

Again, thank you for making a meaningful effort and for bringing this issue to the public’s attention.


Very truly yours,

Wesla A. Sullivan