Random acts of kindness

Editor of the Simpson County News,

  It seems today all we hear is bad news, so I wanted to share something good that happened to me a couple months ago at the Subway Restaurant in Mendenhall.

  As usual there was a long line and I kept apologizing for taking so long. This sweet lady and darling little daughter kept telling me to take my time as did everyone else in line.

  As the worker was wrapping my last sandwich (I ordered four, since it was two for one day!) I spotted the next order coming down the line with BACON on it. I kept staring at the bacon, making the comment that I wished I had ordered some. The sweet lady told me to go ahead. When I responded I didn’t want to hold the line up, everyone smiled and assured me they did not mind waiting. My saliva glands were working over-time by now so they patently waited while I got my BACON! After I got back from the coke machine and asked for my bill, a smiling cashier said “Your bill has already been paid!” This sweet lady had paid my order and had already left!

  This nice young man, who had been in line was holding my subways, waiting to help me to my car! So thank you Mrs. Murphy and James for your random acts of kindness! You made an old lady happy! I plan to pass this on with the next opportunity!


Ruby Alexander