Residents are really concerned about our hometown

Dear Editor,


Just a follow-up on my post concerning Garbage pickup, etc. in Magee. People who have never lived out of Magee, MS might not realize how the inner community has changed over the past 20-25 years. Although Magee has more businesses now than in the days gone by...its inner neighborhoods, with the exception of a couple, have rapidly deteriorated due to several reasons. Age of homes and neighborhoods would be one of those reasons. I know personally the City of Magee has missed numerous opportunities to grow and increase its tax base because of its current public education facilities and state test scores...but efforts are currently underway to improve in those areas. Other than a few on the Magee Chamber Board and locals involved with Keep Simpson County Beautiful...there has been absolutely no initiative whatsoever to clean up rodent infested properties, run down personal and commercial properties and just a general “pride” clean up of city property. Well...right now they take care of the Baseball Sportsplex. Magee is a diamond in the rough. Weak leadership with no motivation except to get a monthly check has got us to where we are. A little over twenty years ago...I bought a small home in Flowood, MS. The reason...there were no jobs in Magee. Flowood at that time had about 3500-4000 residents. Fact is today they only have a couple of thousand more residents. But...what has changed about the Flowood area is its leadership in city hall. Good, honest, caring people that know in order to grow the tax base...they must protect and take care of what’s in Flowood. Take care of its citizens property values, investments and its potential. Forward 20 years till today in Flowood. Just look at all the POSITIVE that is in my other city of record. Clean properties both public and private. A city administration that ENFORCES it ordinances and regulations...a steady tax rate for all and a sense of PRIDE that is unmatched. What has happened to Magee will take, at this point, decades to reverse. One or two in City Hall can’t and won’t change the direction it’s headed in. This run down, trashy, appearance in many areas of our city are not, in any way, helping Magee to grow for the future. Our home in Magee is over 50 years old and it is not brand new...but my family and I do our part to keep our little corner lot looking neat at all times. I’ll agree with the other that said...if they were looking for a small city to locate...they would be turned off from Magee’s inner appearance. Having owned property outside of Magee and also owning property in Magee...

I DO know things could be improved. I’m calling on Mayor Dale Berry and the City Board to aggressively enforce, implement, and seek out now new regulations that will require property owners, whether personal, rental or commercial property to meet certain minimum standards to be inside the city limits of Magee. Zoning ordinances should also be enforced on all citizens equally, showing no favoritism to anyone, and should be strengthened to move Magee to a new plateau. Those in public office to draw a supplemental income monthly check are in elected office for the wrong reasons. I’ve preached this message for 25 years or more and it has fell on deaf ears. Magee is my home. I was reared in Magee, Mississippi. I’m tired of people mistreating Magee. Stand up citizens and take our CITY seriously. There’s more to running and leading a city than just voting on the weekly docket to pay the bills. We can’t afford to lose at this point. We, young, old, black and white have to speak up and get our town cleaned up and “Open For Business.” Jackson Mississippi failed to do what I’m asking and just look at the shape they are in. Their taxpayers have left and the city is beyond repair. Decaying property and crime run through the streets rampant. Call Mayor Dale Berry now. Save our little City from becoming Little Jackson!



Brent Walker