$2 million lawsuit filed against Justice Court candidate


A lawsuit seeking $2 million has been filed in circuit court against a candidate in the run-off for Justice Court Judge Post 2 to be held November 27.

  Attorney Tracey Brown has been named as defendant in a  lawsuit alleging alienation of affection by Amanda Seghini of Mendenhall. 

Seghini and her ex-  husband, Billy Seghini, were divorced on October 2.  Billy Seghini is a deputy for the Simpson County Sheriff’s Department. 

The suit, which was filed on October 25, alleges that Brown encouraged Billy Seghini to co-habitat with her and have sexual relations to prevent him from getting back together with his wife. 

The suit also alleges that the relationship with Brown caused Billy Seghini to leave his two children.  Amanda Seghini claims that the family is suffering financially as well as emotionally. 

In an interview Amanda Seghini said that she had nothing to do with the case surfacing at this point and that the timing was not her concern.  This is a week prior to the run-off election in which Brown faces Charles Savell for Justice Court Post Two.  Seghini said other people whom she did not identify contacted her and asked her if they could share the information about the lawsuit, and she told them that was their business, not hers.  

Seghini said it was very unfortunate for her children that the information was being made public. 

 Judge Eddie Bowen will hear the case during the March term, according to the circuit clerk’s office. 

Numerous rumors about the situation have circulated.  Sheriff Greg Reynolds was contacted to see if an investigation had been conducted.  Reynolds said until there are official public statements about the relationship and when it may have occurred, the situation is nothing more than rumors. 

He added, “We don’t condone any activities that would discredit the department; however, until something comes out in public there is not much to be done.” 

The case is seeking $1 million in damages and $1 million in punitive charges. 

Several attempts were made to contact Tracey Brown, but none of the calls were returned.  



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