Benton is MBS Coordinator of Year

Mississippi Blood Services (MBS) held their annual meeting and awards presentation on January 25, at their headquarters in Flowood.

Mississippi Blood Services knows that blood donors are the essential ingredient of the organization. All the state of the art equipment, a fleet of coaches, and the biggest building on the street are useless without blood donors.  It always comes down to the individual donor to get that needed unit of blood, but MBS takes one night out of the year to recognize those groups and individuals who put in that extra effort to ensure there is an adequate and safe blood supply for Mississippi’s patients.

We think of libraries as places of study, reading and learning. Rhoda Benton, Mendenhall’s librarian, thinks of the Mendenhall Library as a place of community and lets her patrons know that there is more to a library than books.

She invites Mississippi Blood Services to come out twice a year to hold a community blood drive in Mendenhall and she makes it fun. Take their annual holiday blood drive where not just patrons and citizens are invited to celebrate life, but MBS’s Buddy the Bloodhound (a.k.a. Tommie Sullivan of MBS’s Purchasing Department) and Santa himself show up.

Who knew that libraries, saving lives and community spirit could be so much fun? Apparently, Ms. Benton does! This is why Rhoda Benton of the Mendenhall Library is the 2017 MBS Community Coordinator of the Year. Accepting the award was Rhoda Benton.