Falcons travel to Mize for the start of the regular season

The Tinamites  (5&6 yrs)

Our youngest group started out fairly strong and hung in for most of the game. The Bulldogs of Mize would score first and the PAT was good. Score 8-0. On the Falcons’ next series they went 60 yards in 5 plays for the touchdown by JaMorris Byrd. Atilla Powell would score the PAT tying the game. Mize would score just before the half but the Falcons stopped the PAT. Halftime score 14-8. Mize would score once more in the remaining quarters to go on to a 30-8 victory. The Tinamites are growing each week and practice, so don't count them out. They had a slow start last year and made it the 2nd round of the state playoffs.

The Rookies  (7&8 yrs)

This was a defensive battle from the word go with both sides unwilling to give up any ground.  At the half the score was 8-0 Falcons. The second half was more of the same as the Falcon defense shut Mize down. Simpson County would score once again in the 3rd quarter but the PAT was no good. The Bulldogs would manage to score with a little over a minute left in the 4th quarter and this is how it would end. Falcons 14 - Bulldogs 8. Bryson Caffee and Lane Purser were standouts on the offense. Give credit to the entire defensive team. They held Mize to negative yards.

The Midgets

(9&10 yrs)

Great game to watch, the Falcons and Bulldogs locked up for another defensive battle, each defense making big plays when needed. At the halftime the score was the same as it started, 0-0. Falcons would have a touchdown called back. Mize figured a way to get into the end zone in the 4th quarter taking the game 8-0.

The Peewees  (11&12 yrs)

Deja'vu, nearly a mirror replay of the Midget game, both teams struggling to mount an offensive strike and both defenses were relentless. However in the 2nd half both teams managed to put points up. The real excitement occured in the fourth quarter when Mize would score late. Falcons didn't quit though. With less than a minute in the quarter trailing 14-8, the Falcons scored on a long pass. Mize would stop the PAT and we were tied 14-14 at the end of the game. In OT Mize would pull it out 22-20. What a great game!

Next week all teams are at home. Heidelburg Tinamites are coming to take on our Falcons, and Carthage is coming in to take on the older groups. It’s our season’s first home game, so come out and support your future Trojans and Tigers!