Simpson County Falcons week 6 Results

This week the Yellowjackets of Bassfield traveled to Tiger stadium to take on our Falcons.

The Tinamites (5&6 yrs.)

The “Fantastic 10” took the field on offense after wining the coin toss. Kayden Lofton got things started off well with a 35-yard carry on the first play of the series. A.J. James would then score on a 25-yard run after faking it to Lofton up the middle. The PAT was good, and the Falcons led 8-0. The Yellowjackets, not to be out done, put together an impressive drive on their own. The Falcons were able to maintain their lead by stopping the PAT. The score was 8-6. The youngest Falcons never gave up their lead the entire game. Both teams would score in the 2nd quarter, and at halftime the Falcons led 16-12. Key to the game was the defense stopping the Yellowjackets on their opening drive to start the second half. A.J. Williams would lead the defense with 7 tackles, backed up by tackles from James, Reed, Lofton, and K. Clay. James would have 4 touchdowns on the day. Lofton ran for 110 yards and 2 PATs.  The final score Falcons 32 and Bassfield 26. The Tinamites improve their record to 4 and 2, keeping the hope alive for a playoff berth.

The Rookies (7&8 yrs.)

The Falcon Rookies are at the moment an unstoppable force. The Yellowjacket defense just could not keep pace with a very talented Falcon offense. The Falcon defense held the Bassfield offensive attack to negative yards. In three quarters of play the Falcons ran for over 250 yards and passed for 95 yards. The Rookies maintain their undefeated status (6-0) with the final score 46-0. Outstanding play by all the Rookies this week, great job by the coaches. With this victory they have secured a spot in the playoffs. Way to GO!


The Midgets

 (9&10 yrs.)

WOW, what an exciting game! The only score in the first half came after the Yellowjackets forced a fumble deep in Falcon territory. At the half the score Yellowjackets 8 Falcons 0. The Yellowjackets would start 2nd half play turning the ball over on a fumble. On the ensuing drive the Falcons would score on a 35-yard pass and catch from Braylon Womack to Cameron Smith. The PAT was good, score tied at 8 midways of the 3rd quarter. After being forced out of the pocket QB Womack would score on a 38-yard run. The PAT was good, and the Falcons took the lead 16-8 with 34 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter Bassfield would mount an impressive drive only to have the Falcon defense force another fumble. After a penalty, the Falcon offensive would have its back against the wall on the 6-yard line. The Yellowjackets capitalize and get a safety, bringing the score to 16-10. Once again, the Falcon defense would force a fumble sealing the game. The Falcon offensive would sustain a time ending drive giving them the win. Offensive leaders this week; Braylon Womack, Cameron Smith, and Brayden Gregory. The defense was key down the stretch, notables: Eddie Weathersby, Funchess, Lewis, Fairchild and Butler to name a few. With this win the Midgets are in first place in the division. Awesome!

The Peewees (11&12 yrs.)

Another outstanding game to watch, the Falcons would take possession of the ball first and would drive down the length of the field scoring from 7-yards out with a Jaylon Dampeer run. The PAT was no good, Falcons 6 Bassfield 0. The rest of the 1st quarter was scoreless, but some very impressive defensive play by both teams. In the 2nd quarter the Yellowjackets would break one for 50-yards, the PAT was no good. At the end of the half Falcons 6 Yellowjackets 6. The Yellowjackets would start offensive play in the 3rd quarter. The two teams would struggle to get anything going, as both defensives were just stifling. Finally, midway in the 4th quarter, the Falcons score on a 38-yard run and catch by Dixon from QB Akavion Grifith. PAT was no good. The final score Falcons 12 Yellowjackets 6. This win improves our Peewee group’s chances of making the playoffs. Bassfield was undefeated prior to this game. Just learned Prentiss has received its second loss, therefore putting the Falcons’ fate in their own hands. A win over Lawrence County in the final game of the regular season would give them the division championship.

Next week we are at home again and it’s Homecoming weekend. Non-conference PRCAA will come into Tiger Stadium to take on our Falcons. Come out and enjoy the parade and ball games.  For info call Coach Ken McDonald (601-260-9143). Let’s Go Falcons!