Here it is 2020 and we have a new list of leaders-Best of Luck!


Well, here it is 2020 and we have many new faces in politics, which is not a bad thing.  For whatever reason there are some new people in our elected offices and that is okay.

  First and probably the most obvious newcomer is in the position of Sheriff of Simpson County.  Paul Mullins was elected to serve as sheriff, and he should do pretty well.  When we first moved to Simpson County in 1992  we got to meet Paul, who was then working as a deputy sheriff for Sheriff Lloyd Jones. 

  When the time came that Mullins wanted to reach out and try something a little different, he transferred to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department.  He served there for years and honed his skills, then decided to come back to Simpson County and seek the position of sheriff. He was elected in November.   We wish him the best in working with the department. 

  We will have a new circuit clerk with Witt Fortenberry.  We met Witt through the Development Foundation and have known him for the past few years.  His dad, Rusty Fortenberry, was the district attorney when we moved here. 

  Witt ended up filling a term in Justice Court as a judge.  We are told that he did okay and that his judgments were sound.  His legal experience should help with the clerk’s position. 

  Charles Savelle was elected to office in Justice Court after having won a special election. 

  We have two new supervisors, Mitchell Chapman, who serves District One, and Donny Welch, who serves as District Four supervisor.  We have known both of these men, and both are capable of discharging their new duties. 

  Another newly elected official, who ran unopposed, is Jaime Reed.  Jamie, who has worked in the Tax Assessor’s office for several years, saw the opportunity and was fortunate to be able to go in without a challenger. 

  Jamie is fortunate to have a really good team of people to work with.  The transition should come off pretty smoothly.  

   Some of these folks may not have been your initial choices, but let’s give them a chance and see how they perform.  To offer oneself to serve in public office takes a certain kind of individual, and not everyone is cut out for that. 

   To the folks who did not get elected, thank you for offering yourself.  I am sure it can be very disheartening to feel that you are the best candidate and then not be elected.  The important thing is that you offered yourself to serve. 

  To the people who have continued to be re-elected, keep up the good work and help these newly elected officials where you can.