We are all so much more blessed than we realize


One of the things we do because we are so blessed is to try to find folks who have a need we can help meet, and normally that need comes around Christmas. 

  We all try to help others at this time of year, but we seem to forget about their needs over the course of the year.  However, it’s pretty likely that if those needs exist at Christmas they exist throughout the year. 

  So while it is a noble gesture to help the less fortunate at Christmas time, we must realize that those needs probably exist year round.  I hope that we can do a better job of realizing that over the course of the next year. 

  We all have taken for granted that we deserve certain things in life though 90 percent of the world does with much less than even some of our poorest.  While I am sure true hunger exists somewhere in this country, I have never had to wonder where my next meal was coming from.  I have been fortunate to have a home that was safe and cool or warm and dry.  Most of the people I know are the same.  We are fortunate to be able to go out and find  jobs that allow us a comfortable lifestyle. 

  A great blessing was the chance to visit with Anna Lauren, Brooks and the new baby, Anne Caroline for Christmas.  While they were here the weekend before Christmas they wanted us to travel to Memphis and celebrate Christmas morning with them.  So, of course, we did.  We picked up Nancy’s Dad along the way so he could also be with us on Christmas Eve at the Baldwin home in Bartlet,  Tennessee. 

  Nancy and I had to work on Tuesday until noon so we arrived Tuesday night.  We had invited Nancy’s nephew Patrick and his family to join us on Christmas Day, along with my sister Pam and her husband Guy. 

   Early Christmas morning I was awakened by what I thought was my dog Fisher licking my hand--instead it was Anne Caroline with her mommie waking everyone to go and see what  Santa had brought.  Not sure where Anna Lauren got that early rising  maybe from me?  As we all gathered around the Christmas tree, Brooks turned on some Christmas music, the gifts were divvied up and everyone started opening gifts one at a time.  Nancy and I had already exchanged ours at home prior to the trip.  I gave her eight plates of Peter’s pottery; she bought me a Stetson hat and a skeet thrower.  I got her a pink Kubota cap and she bought me a Kubota tractor. 

    Nancy got Brooks a bluetooth micro phone--Anna Lauren hid the one last year.  We all got some nice gifts and had a lot of fun and then it was time to start cooking.

  We had a grand Christmas feast with family and got to do a lot of visiting before having to pack up and head home.

  I drove from Memphis to Lula, where I turned the driving over to Nancy.  She really gives me a hard time about getting up early to head home, but it was 2:30 before we pulled out of the drive and  close to 8:00 when we got home--heck, that was past my bedtime.  But I did it without complaining.  Nancy actually told me I was a pleasure to be around.  I have her fooled. 

   I hope you enjoy bringing in the new year and ushering out the old.  But don’t forget your many blessings or the many needs of others in 2020.