Plenty of activity going on last weekend in Magee


W ow! A lot of different activities were going on last week in Magee!  Despite the incessant rain on Thursday everything came out pretty good.

  The Magee Lions Club was to host their annual Mac McCarty Golf Tournament last Thursday.  Early reports were that a hurricane was hitting the Pacific Coast of Mexico and would create rain in Simpson County on Thursday.  Lions Club President Kelly Jones and I were working pretty hard on the tourney and decided to wait up to the last minute before calling it.  We have both seen way too many things that get canceled and then the weather turns out being really nice.  The other side was, if we delayed the tournament, the weather might be delayed getting here and we still might not be able to play.  However, by Tuesday afternoon a decision had to be made.  Much more than just golf was at stake.  Food had to be considered and the list goes on.

  Grudgingly, we gave in and moved the tournament to Friday.  As it turned out that was the best decision we could have made. 

  The event was held on Friday.  We lost a few teams, but there was no way we could have played on Thursday because, as predicted, it rained most of the day.  The club ended up doing pretty well with their fund raising.  That is what it is all about anyway, raising money to help people who can not afford the glasses they need. 

  Saturday morning rolled around and the alarm started buzzing at 4:30.  It was Crazy Day Saturday.  I was asked to come help set up for the annual event. 

  Nancy told me that as long as it did not involve her having to go that early she was fine with my going.  Wasn’t that sweet of her?

  So,  I met with the group to get our assignments for the day.  Diane McPhail and I were assigned together on the north end of Main Avenue.  We had no problems, and getting set up came off without a hitch. 

  We were stationed by the car show so I had a chance to see and judge some pretty neat classics. 

  There were some really fun activities for the day as well as some good food.  The weather could not have been any better.  The crowds seemed to linger longer than they have in the past and I think it was because of the perfect weather. 

  We had a good mix of vendors, maybe not as many as in the past but we were told that several competing events were scheduled for the same time in different cities. 

 A good band was playing on the street by The Vault called Dead End Circle.  It was fun sitting outside in the afternoon in the nice weather listening to good music, which also drew a pretty big crowd. 

  Thumbs up to the Magee Chamber of Commerce and their leadership for staying in tune with making good events for all ages. 

  If you would like more information about the Chamber contact any member.  Or you may call Doris at 601-849-2517.