Preacher asks help with city sewer problem


The Mendenhall Mayor and Board of Aldermen held their regularly scheduled meeting on March 5.

Reverend George Owens with First Pentecostal Church appeared before the board asking for help. He described an issue with city sewer backing up into the church whenever heavy rain falls. Mayor Booth referenced the Community Development Block Grant that will be used to address sewer issues in the city. However, the project will not begin until this summer. Owens said, “I thank you all for what you do for the city. I’m not here to gripe, just make you all aware, and if you can help us, help us.”

The Board opened bids for the municipal depository and decided on Peoples Bank.  The Board moved to purchase a new lawn mower at $8,400 to assist the city crew, which took on some personnel additions. The Board accepted the resignation of Joe Granderson and employed Anthony Underwood to the building and grounds crew part time. Roger Smith Jr. was also employed full time to the grass cutting crew.

A representative of Roundtree & Associates appeared before the board to request a seismic permit. He explained that the company will be surveying for oil and gas and will be setting blasts close to the city lagoon. After some discussion Board Attorney Wesley Broadhead advised the board to grant the permit and add language making Roundtree & Associates responsible for any damages to city property. The board unanimously agreed to grant the seismic permit.

The Mendenhall Police Department will be purchasing a new console. Booth described this as another step to improve the radio system. He said, “This will get things up to par and get communications where they need to be. The city has focused on improving communications between the fire department and police department. Issues have arisen in the past due to out dated equipment. The new console will be partially paid for using E-Citation and wireless communications funds.

The board received verbal updates on Sports and Recreation from Allen Sanders, and Building and Grounds from Josh Purser. Discussion was held about the ongoing frontage road project before the meeting adjourned.